10 Things You Realize Once You Grow Up.

10 Things You Realize Once You Grow Up.

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We all have something in common, and hence some realizations are same for most of us. Let’s take a while to take a recap of such episodes.

1. Your childhood mischiefs which you no longer remember, but everyone else does. Are they lying, you wonder. Feels like you’ve gone through some kind of amnesia.
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2.That crush you had on somebody. Yikes! Disaster! Could you go back & punch yourself? You wish!!giphy (4)
3.Your first love & heart break & you thought you’d never make it?giphy (5)
4.Your slang phase, your incomprehendable grammatics & your taste in music. Jesus!
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5. Your sense of dressing from sober to punk & all that in between, those pictures should be downright burned.
giphy (2)6. The TV soaps that made no sense. Family sickness of being glued to it. When Ekta Kapoor was one big thing. Don’t deny we all went though the same phase.
7. That once we had carefree days, we could cycle around, bruise our knees & still be fine. Only now you realize how trudged you are by work.

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8. That you no longer recognize your next door neighbor apart from their name. Everybody seems not only to have grown up but also grown apart. Sad.

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9.The last day of vacations, that sleepless night, the pangs of waking up to school routine. A reality check; grumpy face in morning at the breakfast table.

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10.Your favorite actor phase, you still have them.. and you thought you’d end up marrying them like some fairy tale. You wish!giphy (9)