45 Girls Gang-Raped in Two Years in a Silent Picnic Spot in...

45 Girls Gang-Raped in Two Years in a Silent Picnic Spot in Indoor

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A chilling incident has came to light in Indoor when few boys filed a complaint against some robbers who robbed their money from a silent picnic destination meant for lovers. At first it all seemed like a simple robbery when police begin to go deeper, the culprits spoke out horrifying details where they told the cops that they raped 45 girls in last two years in the same picnic spots, meaning two rapes in every month.


The gang used to target couples desperately looking for private moments in the spot which is some 16 kms from Indoor. Couples think that no one would disturb them and this turned out against them in the most petrifying manner. Even shocking news is that out of 45 cases, not a single complaint has been made to the police regarding these incidents as the culprits  used to film the act on camera and used it to blackmail and terrorize the couples.11_1435134777

They first spot the couple sitting on the bench alone and surrounds them. They then handcuffed the boy and rape the girl. One of them shoots the heinous crime on mobile. They snatch the money and other valuable items from them and take out their Sim Card as well. The goons also gathered information about the victims such as I-card, mobile number, etc.33_1435134773

Police has arrested six youths and one of them is a minor and the main leader Kalu Singh was arrested on Tuesday.22_1435134781

They are also trying to find out all the victims as only few of them has been identified during the investigation.